When we talk of color, it is the one of the fist thing after noise that attracts a child. A child always tries to catch the color that attracts its attention. Children of every age love colors. It is important to make our children recognize every color, and differentiate between them. These activities are always fun activities that involve education too.

In case, you still need to add any other note or detail, do it on the back of your invitation card. Build the excitement by delivering your invitations with a small bottle of bubbles or a pop-up sponge! You can also get personalized Sponge-Bob party invitations from Birthday in a Box. Hang blue streamers (two shades would be great) all around the party area and also keep some SpongeBob printable coloring pages so the younger children can color and enjoy.

The team's findings can also be applied to exoplanets, which are planets that circle stars beyond our own Sun. Some super-Earth exoplanets, which are rocky planets more massive than our own, have been proposed as "water worlds" covered with churning oceans. Could they have life? Perhaps. The potential would certainly be there. Dr. Vance and his team believe laboratory experiments and more sophisticated modeling of exotic oceans might help to find answers to these very profound questions.

Second, there is the issue of sharing wealth. The Third World wants to redistribute wealth in its favor, and it pursues this end by a combination of moral persuasion and threats of terrorism using weapons of mass destruction. A frontier could make such threats less persuasive. The Third World reaction to a space frontier initiative is unpredictable and possibly violent. This makes pioneering a taboo for Western governments. And that's why they would keep it secret.

Titan orbits Saturn once every 15 days and 22 hours. Like Earth's large Moon, in addition to many other moons in our Solar System, Titan's rotational period is precisely the same as its orbital period. This means that Titan only shows one face to its parent-planet, while the other face is always turned away.

We all have learned through School that the Moon is what affects the tides by its gravitational pull on the earth. Well the gravitational pull of the moon not only impacts the changing tides it impacts the activity of fish also.

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